Product Information

Louvered Roof and Aluminum Post Technical Information

sample engineering
Curved Louvered Roof
Brick Post for Louvered Roof
  • Louvered Roof System weighs 1.87lbs per square foot (top only)
  • Louvers are available in 2ft increments beginning at 10′ and ending at 24′. (e.g., 10, 12,14,16,18, 20, 22, and 24 feet) We also have the longest louver length in the industry

  • Louvered Roof System unit can be engineered and built up to 180 mph wind-load and up to 80lbs per square foot snow-load

  • Louvered Roof System rafters can be connected or assembled endlessly (rafters have been installed up to 100 ft. )
  • Louvered Roof System can be designed to fit any shape you may need. (e.g., hexagon, curved or angled edge, octagon, etc.)

  • Louvered Roof System can easily be designed to “fit” any structure. (e.g., wood, aluminum, vinyl, etc.)

  • Louvered Roof System’s post, beam, louver and rafter are 100% extruded aluminum and are electrostatic powder coated in 3 standard colors. They are also made in the U.S.A.!

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