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Customer NameBayley Living
City, State Cincinnati , Ohio
Contact Name/Title Sandy Kuhlman / Director of Support Services

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ALRS DealershipDistinctive Patios
City, State West Chester, Ohio
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Solution Category Louvered Roofs
Solution Offering Care Centers
Project Name Bayley Living

Customer Profile

Bayley was founded by The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati in 1990 and is located on 23 beautiful rolling acres in Delhi on the west side of Greater Cincinnati. The Sisters of Charity have served the health, educational, social and spiritual needs of Cincinnati since 1829. Together, we strive to provide compassion and the ultimate quality of life to those we serve.

Life in Every Moment – Bayley is a continuing care retirement community that offers a full spectrum of lifestyle options that promote engagement, wellness and vitality. We believe that life should be lived to the fullest – in every moment!
OUR MISSION: provide a continuum of care for seniors in a Catholic/Christian-like environment. With the Sisters of Charity, we strive to provide compassion and quality of life to those we serve. Our commitment is rooted in the values of respect, honesty and excellence.

The Problem

The residents at Bayley needed to go outside on a regular basis to the concrete patio area in between the buildings. The area had tables with umbrellas but the residents had a hard time using the area on hot sunny days and rainy days. While the umbrellas worked well for the more mobile residents, they didn’t help those confined to wheelchairs..
Several times a year they put on events which required renting commercial tents they had to carry through the building to install on the patio. This was not only costly but very inconvenient.

Design and Key Factors

The need for access was paramount in designing a structure that would serve the needs of the residents, so long spans between posts were needed. To accomplish this, double beams were designed to carry the load and provide access to the area from all directions.

The architecture of the facility was colonial so the posts, beams, and end caps were designed with that in mind.

Using materials that are maintenance free was also an important requirement to the customer.

The direction of the louvers were planned to give great shade in hot Cincinnati summers and rain protection/drainage during storms.

Water resistant ceiling fans were included to give proper ventilation and help keep insects away.

Since it was an easy addition while the structure was being constructed, speaker wires were added and fed through conduit to a nearby post. This provides an easy connection for iPods or other audio sources. This is not only a great feature for big events, but also for more casual use.

The Solution

American Louvered Roof Systems (ALRS) manufacture an extruded aluminum product that has a power-coated finish which was a perfect fit for the project because of the no maintenance finish. The ability to adjust the louvers with just a touch of a button on the remote control addressed their shade needs. The 98% waterproof design allows the residents to use the patio even in the rain.
A complementary line of vinyl columns and posts offered by ALRS, also maintenance free, helped satisfy the need to fit the décor of the site. The tapered columns and the White color works extremely well with the building design
The louvered roof was designed to the specifications required and the bid was submitted, awarded and the product installed. Since this was one of the earlier projects that required site specific “wet stamped” engineering, that process took quite a while. Now that ALRS has completed a broad set of engineering that covers most project requirements, this should no longer be an issue. Once the installation started, it took about 2 weeks to complete and the customer is very happy with the results…


The benefit to Bayley is that in the hot months the louvers provides complete shade and great ventilation at the same time (the louvers are parallel to each other). In the winter months the louvers can be left open to keep the snow from building up on them or closed to provide protection from the elements. Bayley Living now is considering other sites for Louvered Roofs.

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