New Power Supply And RF Receiver Combo

How many trips to the hardware store have you had to make to pick up supplies when installing the power supply and RF receiver for one of Cardinal Architectural’s Motorized Pergola’s?  How much time and money does each trip cost you?  We have a great new solution, the Power Supply And RF Receiver Combo unit.


Our new combo unit takes the worry out of installing the electronics portion of every install.  The new units are made in the US with solid state circuitry.  More importantly, each unit will operate 2 motors and lights or,  3 motors and no lights.  Each unit comes with a 25 ft. power cable and is completely self contained in it’s own 4.24” x 11” x 3” weatherproof enclosure with suitcase latch design lid.


This unit works with our current remote control and has a simple, one button programming mode.  It also works with our new RG-11 Rain Sensor.


Our new Power Supply And RF Receiver Combo will save you time and money on every install.

  • No more need to go and purchase the large oversized weatherproof boxes and drilling holes that you need to caulk
  • No need to purchase additional power cable or extension cords
  • Add LED lights easily and quickly
  • Available in dark bronze and light gray
  • Unit comes with weatherproof dome cord glands for leak free wiring
  • Connect up to three motors to one combo unit.


Our standard power supply and RF receiver are still available and will still be shipped with every system unless you upgrade to the new combo unit.  We think you will love the new combo unit.  They are in stock and ready to purchase now.