The Benefits Of The New Cardinal Architectural Website

We are excited to announce the new Cardinal Architectural website. The website has a Residential page, a Commercial page and a Dealer page. The Dealer page access can only be viewed after you have logged in user your user name and password. If you do not have your log in credentials, please contact our office.

The Residential and Commercial pages are separate and share the benefits of each. The pictures chosen for both of these pages are some of our best installs and will be changed from time to time. This is also where you will send your customers to fill out their warranty information. The Warranty Registration is found at the bottom of the either the Residential or Commercial pages.

Under the Dealer page, there is a place where documents are stored and available for down load. There is also a placed where photos are stored and downloaded.

Lastly, the Dealer page has a Rendering section that allows you to upload pictures and fill out a form for you to order renderings for potential installations. There are several options. The costs and descriptions of the different types of renderings are listed for you.

The new website is perfect for sending your potential clients to for more information. There is a 5 minute residential and commercial video on their respective pages.

We have received many compliments about the new site and hope you will feel the same and will include it as part of your marketing program.