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Case Study for Venue2Remember

Customer Information:

Customer NameVenue2Remember
City, State Jasper, Georgia
Contact Name/Title Angela Nolte / Owner

Dealer Information:

ALRS DealershipLeisure Lifestyle Products, LLC
City, State Peachtree City, Georgia
Email Address rrothley1@gmail.com
Solution Category Louvered Roofs, Aluminum Post & Beams
Solution Offering Restaurants
Project Name Venue2Remember


Customer Profile

Venue2Remember originally a barn, is now a unique and modern special events facility, located in the North Georgia Mountains, near the town of Jasper, GA. The Venue is an easy, one hour drive from downtown Atlanta.
From corporate retreats and gatherings, to first-class weddings and family parties, Venue2Remember is ready to host and plan your next event with specialized attention to the details that ultimately will make your event “one to remember.” Venue2Remember also can provide customized planning and catering services to serve your needs.
In 2001, German born Angela Nolte found serenity in the North Georgia Mountains. Just outside Jasper, lay a piece of property that would capture Angela’s heart and spark her vision to share the tranquility that Venue2Remember so gracefully embraces with others.
With an expanse of clear blue sky shining bright and steady above the rolling hills and peaceful valleys, Venue2Remember provides the perfect sanctuary for any and all special events.
Contact Venue2remember at info@venue2remember to schedule your tour.

The Problem

Ms. Nolte, the owner & operator of A Venue2Remember was able to host larger dinner parties, weddings, and other corporate events on her large deck. Inside the main home, there was limited space. Potential customers expressed concern of booking at a Venue2Remember because the events could be seriously disrupted with inclement weather. Her 25×45 foot deck was exposed to the hot sun, or rain. This limited her ability to book the types of events she needed to grow her business. Ms. Nolte also desired to extend the use of her deck throughout the winter season, where temperatures can dip into the twenties with breezes coming off the mountains.

Design and Key Factors

While desiring the ability to provide shelter over the large deck, Angela did not want to lose the “outdoor” environment and beautiful views of the North Georgia Mountains nearby when the weather was fine. Venue2Remember wanted an elegant, yet simple design that complemented her existing facilities. The Louvered Roof from American Louvered Roof Systems (ALRS) was a perfect solution!

The Solution

An approximate 24 x 45 foot Free Standing ALRS system with 12 Aluminum posts, 24 foot long louvers, 3 electronic motors operating 3 separate roof sections. One remote allows A Venue2Remember to operate each of the three sections independently or operate all sections at the same time.
Ms. Nolte elected to have the posts with deluxe trim. She opted for an all-white design with flat trim pieces to provide a simple, elegant look.
The free standing system is attached to her large deck with 4×6 inch reinforcements under the deck for stability. Additional angle bracing was added to expand the “span” distances between posts and to provide additional stability. Additional drop down screens are being added to help block the winter winds coming from the mountains. Combined with propane or electric heaters, her facility is all season capable. The system is designed to easily withstand the winds of the North Georgia Mountains and can easily deal with and snow and ice that periodically occurs during the winter.


Today, her bookings are up as she can host large events without the concern of weather disruptions. She is able to host events in all season, including the winter when the temperatures in the North Georgia Mountains can frequently dip into the twenties. With the ALRS solution, she has created an elegant outdoor space that is architecturally stunning and elegant, yet extremely functional.
Angela Nolte: “My new American Louvered Roof System is a stunning centerpiece of my Venue. It provides me with the ability to maintain a beautiful, open air environment when the weather is good, to provide needed shade when the sun is too hot, and to provide needed shelter to protect my customers when it rains.” “My bookings are increasing now that I can provide an all-weather venue for my customers!”

ALRS Products Used:

Custom Size Louvered Roofs, , , ALRS Deluxe Post

Project Photos

Patio Area

Venue2remeber Louvered Roof
Under V2Rs Patio

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