Nine Irish Brothers Pub

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Customer Information:

Customer NameNine Irish Brothers Pub
City, State La Fayette, Wisconsin
Contact Name/Title Jerry O’Bryan / Owner

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ALRS DealershipAwning-Sun
City, State Glendale, Wisconsin
Email Address kgetschow@awning-sun.com
Solution Category Louvered Roofs
Solution Offering Restaurants
Project Name Nine Irish Brothers Pub
Customer Profile
Nine Irish Brothers Pub

Family as Our Core
Nine Irish Brothers is family-owned, family-designed-and-built, and family-run. (And family has quite a bit
to do with the name, of course). Over the course of several trips to Ireland, we’ve been able to hand-pick
our furniture and decor for each location. We’ve also spent an inordinate amount of time “researching”
pubs in Ireland and have modeled our pub after our favorite spots, from Garvey’s on Ayre’s Square in
Galway to Johnnie Fox’s on the northern outskirts of Dublin. Stop by and ask for one of the family to show
you around!

The Problem

Usage of the patio, because of the weather was very seasonal in northern Indiana. Jerry wanted to increase the traffic on cold days and nights. The umbrellas provided some protection from the sun and elements, but not enough plus they were not a long term solution because they were fabric. If it was raining people would not use the patio at all because they had to walk in the rain to get to the umbrellas.

Design and Key Factors

The Color was very important in this project because it needed to blend in with the railing and fence and building trim – so standard dark bronze color was selected. Post were designed with significant spans between them, to allow for spacing tables and chairs properly. Infrared Heaters were included in the design that would provide for comfortable heating on cold days. The louvered roof was designed high enough to give a feel of openness to the patio and allow the heaters to work effectively.

The Solution

An approximate 38’ x 31 foot ALRS system with 12 posts, 20 foot long louvers, 4 electronic motors operating four separate roof sections was installed. One remote allows them to operate each of the four sections independently or operate all sections at the same time. Combined with infrared heaters, the Pub is multi-season capable. The system is designed to easily withstand the winds of the Indiana and can easily deal with and snow and ice that periodically occurs during the winter.


Within just a few hours 2 companies showed interest in booking the patio for functions. The customers now have a comfortable place to enjoy their meal or drink on the patio. The heaters extend the season greatly giving a boost to the company’s bottom line profits.

ALRS Products Used:

Custom Size Louvered Roofs

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9 Irish Brothers Louvered Roof

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